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Originally Posted by CPT_420 View Post
As long as you use caution and know how to read the ice, you would be surprised how much weight an inch of clear ice can support. That said, I have purposely broke through before in deep water to get out and I am quite comfortable. I'm sure we will run into each other out there this year, good luck to you too!

I was out again yesterday and landed my first pike this season, just a small guy but I didn't have much time to fish either. 2-3inches of ice depending on the hole!
Yeah, I'm just not that guy. I have enough trouble ice fishing on 8 is just me and my own fears.

Nice work on the pike!

I'm am impressed the weather held out for the past 2 weeks. The next 2 are just as cold and colder...unbelievable. I don't recall a code snap this early and this continuous for this long.

Next 2 week forecast at Pigeon:

Saturday, November 11 1 Low -12
Sunday, November 12 -3 Low -10
Monday, November 13 -1 Low -9
Tuesday, November 14 -7 Low -12
Wednesday, November 15 -10 Low -17
Thursday, November 16 -14 Low -19
Friday, November 17 -11 Low -14
Saturday, November 18 -7 Low -12
Sunday, November 19 -8 Low -13
Monday, November 20 -8 Low -13
Tuesday, November 21 -7 Low -11
Wednesday, November 22 -6 Low -11
Thursday, November 23 -7 Low -10
Friday, November 24 -7 Low -10
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