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Originally Posted by teledogs View Post
So I got a call from the oncologist and nurse at the CCI. I I was scared as heck by the call as the nurse was just about in tears. They were tears of joy!!! I don't know how they do this line of work, to me they are saints. So I have not finished my first round of chemotherapy yet but already they said my cancer enzymes are down by 50%. The nurse was reading the oncologists report who she has worked with for many years. She said 'he never writes his reports like this! It is full of exclamation marks and positive emotions!' I know when I spoke with him he was a pretty dry professional guy. So I will take this as a positive. I have made dietary changes and every day I say cancer is not welcome in my body. Since I first found out my diagnosis I was ready to fight. It was much harder knowing something was wrong and not being heard. All my praise goes out to my new family doctor at the Lake Louise Medical Clinic who listened to me and diagnosed me within 2 weeks after a 6 month battle if trying to be heard elsewhere. I feel extremely fortunate for the way things are playing out, for the way my body and mind are working, for my medical team, and for the support of family and friends. What a journey and learning experience! My thoughts and prayers go out to all who battle this horrible disease. God bless! Thanks AO for your continued support!
I could talk about my childhood friend who lost his battle just days after our last visit. Or the battle my sister fought and lost, or my friend from grade school who lost her battel on Christmas day several years ago.

But I'm more concerned with your future beyond this life. Yes you have a future beyond this plain.

For all of us, our time on Earth is limited. We will all fight our final battle some day. What lies beyond is what counts in the long run.

I don't like to preach. It is much more comfortable to let someone else do that. But a friend says what needs to be said.

So all I will say is;

"Your sins are forgiven." "It is finished." "Only believe."

Some day I WILL see you in Heaven, hopefully many years from now, for both of us.
Democracy substitutes election by the incompetent many for appointment by the corrupt few.

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