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Old 10-20-2017, 05:56 PM
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Default Fly Fishing Rods/reels clear out

Lots or rods and a couple reels for sale. I live north of Edmonton, and will mail the rods/reels out. Prices are fair and include shipping, make a decent offer and it'll be considered. Send me a PM with a cell number or email and I'll send pictures if requested. Condition of gear is accurate and honest. E-transfer is best. If you want to get more than one of the items, two rods, or a rod reel or whatever, we can figure out a combo price. 😀

Rods (all 4 piece)
Greys X Flite 9ft #5 -Great med-fast action rod, perfect as an all rounder on the streams and the occasional lake fish. It's a really sweet rod for smaller streams and dry fly fishing, but will do it all in a pinch. Excellent condition. Reduced to $160

Echo 3 9ft #4 -Fast and powerful rod for those wanting a 4wt but need some jam to cast foam bugs, deal with wind, and haul out large fish. Could easily handle a 5wt line. Only lightly used, maybe 5 times. Excellent to like new condition. Reg price in Alberta 450, I'm asking to $225 shipped, reduced.

SOLD -Hardy Marksman 2 9ft #4 -A sweet medium action perfect for small creeks and dry fly fishing. My favourite rod for stalking the Bow, just don't get a chance to use it often enough to warrant keeping it. Very Good condition. $215

Orvis Superfine 7'9" #5 -Slow action rod, but can chuck a long line if you cast smoothly. A cool rod for creek fishing if you need something shorter but also something that can move a large trout. This is an older type superfine rod, not the newer Superfine Carbon series. Very good condition.$200

Orvis Battenkill III -5-6wt reel (reg arbor), very light, and great on a 4 or 5wt rod. I've got it lined with an Airflo Sixth Sense floater in a WF 4/5, which will come with the reel. Excellent condition on the reel, the line has only been used a couple times. $140

Hardy Ultralite Click 4/6wt reel -A cool little hardy click reel. Very lightweight, and some charm. Would be a neat reel on a bamboo rod, or a small creek setup. Reel is spooled with a WF Scientific Anglers Trout line, which has only been used once. Like new condition. $175

Youth Combo --OK, I want to sell this on the cheap for a youngster just getting into fly fishing so he/she doesn't pay a hundred bucks for a crap kit like I did however many years ago. I guess I can't screen too much, just the honour system that it's going to a kid who doesn't have acess to a bunch of stuff. I have a St Croix Pro Graphite 2-piece 6wt, and an old SA Concept reel (a basic disc drag, graphite construction). This rod is a medium action and is a peach to learn to cast with. I found an SA Avid WF 6wt floater that will come with. I'm even going to include a box of "factory reject" flies that I don't use, but will still fish. There will be a fanny pack as well (not a fly fishing brand, but it did the job for me for years). I want $125, but since its a bunch of stuff, would be best to meet in Edm at some point this fall. Rod and reel are in good condition.

Thanks guys.

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