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Old 11-02-2017, 05:16 PM
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Maybe less success, BUT more opportunity.
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This has been my third year with a bow and it seems I'm successful every other year. First year got lucky with a young moose, last year had a few close opportunities but no deal, this year so far I've tagged out on a bull moose and a whitetail doe. Keep in mind I log prob around 30 - 40 evenings or mornings in an archery season. It's not easy. With this cold weather I'll be picking up my rifle this weekend thank you very much. I've yet to commit to the whitetail rut with my bow. Maybe if it warms up a bit. All that bulky clothing gets in the way of the string. Maybe time for some new camo for Christmas
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Originally Posted by Lefty-Canuck View Post
Only way to have success bow hunting is to stick with it. If the going gets tough and you switch back to the rifle you miss out on another opportunity to learn.

The average time for a Bowhunter to get his first animal is 4-5 years I have been told. Stick with it.

If I get an elk or a moose down early I become very choosy. I have been lucky to have a good streak on archery elk so I have passed on many moose and deer as a result.

I agree it took me 6 years to finally get an archery kill. Had a very good opportunity at a bull elk the year before but my nerves got the best of me I shot for 30 and he was 20. My range finder was in my pocket....

Next year I sealed the deal on a cow at 18 yards, after the shot the bull strolled by at 25. 2 lessons learned which I consider a success. Use your range finder and when hunting elk always look around there's normally more than 1.
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