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Old 11-03-2017, 01:49 PM
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Originally Posted by Rig 44 View Post
The senior so called trapper spends 90% of his time on this line driveing around during huntig season following people around that actually get out of their trucks to hunt claiming that hes just hunting wolves as he drives back and forth past the hunters hes more intrested in ruining peoples hunts then properly trapping his line!!
LOL. If someone driving on a road is ruining your hunt, sorry to break it to you, your not much of a hunter. Nice Troll post.

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Old 11-03-2017, 04:05 PM
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Default Snares

Maybe you should learn how to read i never once said on a road conners creek is and has been desinated route for a long time now and when you park your truck at the end of the route and walk for a hour or more in the dark to get to where you want to start your hunt and someone drives up to you and follows you around pretending to wolf hunt there are not many guys would put up with it
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Old 11-04-2017, 10:09 AM
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Originally Posted by HunterDave View Post
The reason that I decided to post the pictures was to demonstrate that the OP's accusations were baseless. I think that the pictures show that. Accusing a fellow trapper of leaving snares set all year is pretty serious but that's not the way that it is at all. Yes, snares are out but not set and they are hanging in trees. Nothing illegal or unethical at all. I thought it better to clear the air and show what really is going on rather than leave doubt that the OP's accusations were true.

I don't think that the pictures portray this trapper in a poor light at all. On the contrary, I think that they vindicate him. Some may disagree but I think that it was the right call to post the pictures.

The Junior on the line has contacted me and the OP is a stalker in his area with an ax to grind. He has been giving him grief over petty stuff for 4 years. He has to go well off the beaten path and go out of his way to even find the bait sites
and let alone complain about them.

The OP is not our little anti trapping friend. He honestly believes that he has a legitimate complaint and isn't just trolling. There's a reason that AEP won't take any action, because there's nothing to take action on except for a bit of twine and a few pieces of butcher paper if they want to really get anal about a littering charge.
Well Dave let's clear some of this up. Can you provide the locations of the bait sites and the areas with the snares that have been left out? You talk like you have personally been too them.
for you too state that there are not snares still set is a pretty strong accusisition you must be very confident in yourself, unless of course you have been there and found every snare personally right?
The garbage is a concern too me... obviously you think leaving garbage around is fine, that's your choice. Trappers are suppose too be above that and better than that. Especially with the spotlight they are under you would think they would want too keep the areas clean and proper too not gain attention.
As for aep not taking action they have just not too the extreme that should be.
You seem too take lots of trust in mrbiggamehunters word. There is no ax too grind with him and I am not a stalker. I just don't put up with poachers getting away with illegal activitys. so I guess if calling the law in too stop him from using a atv before noon while hunting and travelling off of the designated routes is considered stocking then call me that all you want. His claims too be an active jr partner on this line have been thrown around too anyone that would listen and have yet too be true.
I sent you those pictures Dave because I offered too show them too who wanted too see them and I stood too my word when you requested too have them.
From the small amount of photos I sent you, you put some very strong claims together. You where able too tell how long snares had been left out, the condition of fur quality on coyotes that had been left too waste, how far off the beaten path and out of the way the baits are(and no there is no gps location on the photos), and also how long the wasted coyotes had been in the snares. Even with fur prices at higher than average for coyotes I am not sure why you are not working for the FBI if you can get all that info from a few photos. If you think that all of this is not true that's fine, you stated you had a contact that would be able too do something about it so I shared the info, you can believe who you want it doesn't matter much too me. If you believe that what is in the photos and what I have said is happening on this rfma is ok for a trapper too do, then it may be best too stop calling yourself a trapper as someone who leaves a site like that is just giving the honest ethical guys a bad name.
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Old 11-04-2017, 12:10 PM
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I'm confident knowing that if any snares were illegally set you would have taken pictures of them. Personally I would have put that bit of twine and butchers paper in my pocket rather than take pictures and make a big production of it and let it ruin my day. Why don't you find yourself a hobby that'll make you happy rather than going out of your way to look for things that tick you off?
The whole problem with any issue is that fools and fanatics are always certain of their position, while wise people are full of doubt and questions. Bertrand Russell
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