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Both happened within the last 12 months:

1) jigging for mackeral, 4 hooks to a line, had 3 fish on when an overly aggresive sea gull swoops down looking for a meal. Ended up wrapping the line around his leg. Made one hell of a mess and commotion and we had to bring the sea gull on board with the 3 mackeral as we figured cutting the line would be a death sentence. Imagine the mess of tangled line with 3 mackeral, one sea gull and 3 guys trying to sort everthing out. Technically I won the biggest catch of the day though...

2) Launching the 12' aluminum just after the ice was out on a little pot hole, the bottom of the lake was still frozen up until about 2 FOW, at which point it turned to quick sand. I assumed that it was still frozen out further, took one step too many and went into the mud thigh-high. For some reason I didn't have spare socks or boots, so I took both off and put them on the bow to dry, and stuck my feet in a black plastic garbage bag, which amazing kept me warm (sunny day) until my stuff dried.
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