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Old 03-01-2011, 03:14 PM
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Default Yahoo Mikisew!

I just got off the phone with Tim Gillies from Mikisew Sportfishing and am delighted to say that I have booked a trip with him for the 7th consectuive year.
This year I will not be visiting my favourite lake (Lake X ha ha) but will be visiting Loutit Lake instead. Can anyone give me any info about this lake?
If anyone has travelled with Mikisew Sportfishing, they can tell you what a wonderful experience Tim offers. To be dropped off at one of the beautiful lakes that they offer, and to be left to your own accord to eat, sleep, fish, drink or whatever you please, whenever you please is my kind of all inclusive vacation!
It seems as if Tim has quite a few great spots still available for this year so I encourage anyone who has travelled with them before to do so again or anyone considering this sort of a vacation to try it out. I tried my first trip 7 years ago and have been back every year since. This will also be my wife's 3rd trip and my 16 year old son's 4th so it can be a great trip with the boys just as well as a wonderful family vacation.
Now I'm sure there are many other places where people say that you can catch more or bigger fish, but Miksew has never disappointed me in the service they provide or in the fishing I have encountered, and to have one of these lakes completely to yourself is an experience which is hard to beat.
Thank you for enduring my shameless plug and if anyone can give me any insight about Loutit Lake please do so. I can't wait to go!

George Noel

Please see www.mikisewsportfishing.com for more info if you are interested.
(Just leave me a spot open at Lake X for next year.)
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Old 03-01-2011, 04:09 PM
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I fished Loutit shortly after they put a cabin there. We flew in from Colin Lake for the day and caught about 300 fish in 6 hours - it was sick. There is a large rock that rises out of the water in the middle of the lake you can dock your boat on. We caught a lot of fish off that rock... well just about anywhere we caught fish. Loaded with walleye and pike, including some monster pike! You'll love it. Have fun.
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