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Default Bondy Baits for Lakeland Lake Trout

One of the most unique baits to come along in a long while is the Bondy Bait soft plastic lure. Although designed for Muskie, these lures are the hot ticket on Cold Lake. The versatility of this bait is the key to its success. It can be jigged or slow trolled - either way this bait produces huge lakers year round. During open water jigging the bottom in 100ft of water will catch the biggest fish in the lake. These baits are perfect for this type of fishing due to the large size; 8oz and 12oz which makes keeping contact with the bottom easy. Another great open water technique is jigging for suspended fish in water as deep as 200ft. Use your fish finder to locate the fish and drop the bondy down to them. With 40-50ft down holding fish all year long, catching fish is easy. Bondys can also be trolled on a long line without the use of weights or downriggers and using a zig zag trolling path is the key to success. It makes the bait look like a slow swimming whitefish and an easy meal for hungry lakers. Winter is perhaps the best time to use the bondy with vertical jigging being the go to method of catching fish. With the large size of these baits getting the lure back down to the fish fast is no problem. One of the best ways to winter fish the bondy is to drop the lure to the bottom and reel it back to the surface with a slow retrieve pausing occasionally. But make sure you have a good grip on your fishing rod as the strikes can be explosive. Remember practice catch and release and follow the Alberta fishing regulations for size restrictions and seasonal closures. See you soon in Alberta's Lakeland!
Alberta's Lakeland Tourism
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