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Old 02-19-2017, 07:12 PM
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Default Open Water 2017

Hi there Fellows!
On Friday (February 17th) was such a nice day +8, so I decided to go fish in open water on the NSR. I was crossing the river the other day on Yellowhead and saw quite a big stretch of open water, that moment I had a thought about go fishing there. So I looked on the map how to get closer to there and went to Rundle Park, there is pedestrian bridge which is taking you on the other shore.
I spent few hours there, had only 2 bites, but unfortunately didn't land anything.
But you know the fishing, sometimes you catch, sometimes you learn!
I have never fished that area before, I think next time explore a bit more, maybe walk with a jig there.
That day I only had my heavy rod for Pickerel Rig and worms.

I made a video of my trip, where you guys could see how I tie my Pickerel Rig, old fisherman taught me once. In my opinion it is the Best one, + it's easy and quick to do.

Watch Here

Tight Lines!

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