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Old 04-02-2013, 12:42 PM
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Default Need help with "wheelchair friendly" fishing spots in Alberta

As my screen name suggests, I am in a wheelchair. I also like to fish. The trouble is, on a limited income itís a bit expensive to fire off to a body of water Iíve never been to, only to find I canít get close enough to wet a line. Iím wondering if the members of this forum would be willing to give me locations of fishable bodies of water (lakes, rivers, streams, trout ponds) that might be reasonably wheelchair accessible? I donít need it to be perfectly level/paved or specially built for a wheelchair Ė just not down a goat path or down a cliff somewhere (I can swim, but my chair canít Ė lol!). I intend this primarily for personal use, although I also have friends in a similar situation.

Feel free to IM me with any suggestions you have (Screenshots from Google Maps/Earth, or even GPS coordinates would be appreciated). Thank you for your help!
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