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Old 09-23-2022, 11:48 AM
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Default Looking for Advice on Tiger Trout to Brook Trout and Rainbow Trout Stocking Ratio for Private Pond

Hi Everyone, I have purchased a property with an aerated 1 acre dugout that is 16' deep. It was stocked with about 125 Rainbows fingerlings in April 2019, some of which are still alive I've seen eating flies a few times, havent caught any yet.

The dugout is fairly old, has weeds all around the edges and lots of shrimp in it. Seems like a nice little ecosystem. I will feed the fish too.

I want to stock it with a generous amount of trout for fishing in summer and winter, will eat them if they taste ok if not c&r.

Currently I am looking at stocking another 200 or so fingerlings this fall, either all Brook or Brook and Tiger.

I'm not much of a Trout fisherman but from what I understand the Brook are the better fish for eating, which apeals to me. I think I read also that they are easy to catch which I want..

I caught one tiger in a provincial stocked pond and it put up a really good scrap, would be nice to have them too. My concern is in 5 years I'll have big tigers that eat most or all of the fingerlings I try to stock the pond with...

Now, if the Brooks wont taste good out of a dugout anyway, maybe the Tigers would be far better due to the good scrap they put up. Also maybe I can avoid the canibalism if I buy larger fingerlings for stocking in the future...

What do you all think would bd a safe ratio of Tigers to other trout? Should I be concerned? I'd like to buy more rainbows next spring and continue to stock every year to have a good little fishing hole...

Thanks for any advice.
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