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Default February Alberta Outdoorsmen now on newsstands

Inside this issue:

  • Outdoor Stuff
  • Vote for a Fish and Wildlife Commission
  • Guilbeault's Patch-over, Chin Reservoir Chin-up, Gull Invasion
  • Are You a Beginning Photographer?
  • A Glorious Weekend for Pike
  • Failure is an Option... to Learn From
  • In Search of Giant Perch
  • Shed Season
  • Surf Casting Flies
  • Recipe: Lake Whitefish Puttanesca
  • If Trout are Gone, is it Still Trout Creek?
  • New Generations of Goose Hunters
  • Coyote Highways
  • My Internet Friend
  • Book a Hunting or Fishing Adventure
  • Long-Range Elk
  • Reader Submitted Story
  • and much, much more!

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