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Originally Posted by JD848 View Post
Congrats trout bug on your new life ,lotsa places to pick from, as long as you both are happy that's what counts . Takes balls to move on in life ,many stay and ruin both lives ,so I wish you all the best .

HD guys are always wanted these days so take your time since you have a whole new life ahead . The chopper ride was a classic ,even showed this to my wife of 39 years ,no one else would take me now so I'm stuck HAHA with her ,not at all .Looks like your young enough to put in 39 more years ,not hard if you both really care for each other .

Thanks JD, we both came from nasty marriages and we met each-other unexpectedly. I can safely say I could not find a better match, obviously made sure before I thought of flying her to the top of a mountain to propose.

We are not super picky as we will make anything work, we just both want a fresh start away from our current city. We both agreed we cannot wait to get out of here. Already packed up and just need to choose where we are going
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Glad to hear your both Happy! No one deserves an unhappy life!! Southern Alberta anywhere on the #3 Hiway in a town or a city if you so choose. Tons of schools and Various industries, Factories, Oil, Farming, etc. Close to the cities or in a city if you choose, Montana Border crossings are an hour away, Mountains are close. Good hunting, fishing, camping in general. Warm enough winters.
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