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Old 10-29-2017, 03:38 PM
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Default Rainbow, Bull and cut lures

For upper , lower k lake
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CD5 or 7 rapala in rainbow trout

Mepps XD rainbow trout

Kastmaster 1/4 ounce gold/silver
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Old 10-29-2017, 05:38 PM
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Blue fox spinners in the "deep runner" model. They have a longer, thinner blade and really get down there. If you're fishing deeper than 15 feet add a 1/2oz worth of split shot (or an inline weight of some sort) 18" up from your spinner to get it even further down.

Gold/silver, chartreuse, pink, rainbow are my faves. Change colors often at first to find your favorite 'lucky' one but they all work to be honest.

With Blue fox, you can change out the hooks to the J-hook they provide in the package and slide a little 2" twister tail grub on there to add a little bit of something else for them to look at. Once the vibration and flashing draws them close, they smoke the grub.

Mepps also has a "Agila Long blade" type pattern that is also marketed as a 'deep running spinner'. They work OK as well.

Little Cleo as well as Cyclopes spoons work, too. Colors like rainbow, gold, silver/blue are my favorite. You can cast or jig them honestly they are one of my fave spinning gear lures for trout.

Also, marabou jigs work excellent when trout are in a negative mood. You can really slow it down with them and that little bit of feathery goodness pulsing slowly in their face is irresistible. Sometimes they simply don't want the flash and vibration of a spinner.

Don't be afraid to try flies either! Tie up a drop shot rig with 10 pound mono and a muddler minnow 18" up from a marabou jig acting as your drop shot weight. Cast it out and skip it back at varying speeds. Try it slow and see if they like that, then try a faster retrieve if they didn't bite the slow bounce. With a drop shot you can have two or three different looks simultaneously which is nice.

I don't fly fish with fly rods so I'm not nearly as useful in that department. But I would start with some sort of minnow imitation and work from there.
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