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Old 06-11-2007, 09:27 PM
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Default Sturgeon/Snipe Report..

I have never fished Snipe before but wanted to try it.So just after the crack of noon on saturday we dropped the 12 footer into the east side of Snipe.Yeah I know that's a late start but the warm campfire,cold beers and good conversation the night before was to good to pass up.
Anyhoo we fished the eastside of the lake south of the boat launch for about two hours with only 5 pike in the 2-5 lbs range to show for our efforts.Junior said let's go to Sturgeon.He told me that the previous weekend he had a blast catching walleye in the 17-21 inch range.Cool..lets go..

We loaded up the 12 footer and headed to Young's point.When we got there it was sunny and warm with a moderate east wind.A bit choppy but not all that bad.A short run up to the north side of the lake and we were ready to slay the walleye..it wasn't ment to be.After two hours of flogging the water with jigs our fish count was still at zero. *scratches head* Heck we even tried spoons and an assortment of other tackle just to try and hook a hammerhandle pike..nothing..nada..zippo..zilch.On the bright side the other boats had the same luck as us.Things were to change..for the worse.
The east wind picked up like you wouldn't believe and we headed for the boat launch.By the time we got there we had 2.5-3 foot waves,that may not sound that bad if you have a 16 or 18 foot boat but that is way to choppy for a 12 footer.
Just about every boat on the lake was trying to load up at the launch..lol..What a gong show that was. If you were ever at Young's point with a stiff east wind you know what I'm talking about.

Next day we went back to Sturgeon and the water was like glass except the fishing was the same.
We put on some bottombouncers and headed to the hump straight across the lake.As soon as we hit the hump we were into the walleye,nothing big but they were still walleye.Junior tied into a nice pike,13.5 lbs to be exact but our fun was short lived.One hour after I snapped the pic a big ole' nasty t-storm chased us off the lake...Oh well..it was still a great weeked..
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Old 06-12-2007, 03:48 AM
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Now thats a pike that makes a trip in bad weather all worth it!!! Great fish guys. and a good read as well
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