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Default Dad's Day Weekend Report

Hey there.

My dad and I did the annual Father's Day trip to NB1. On Saturday we made it to Siebert Lake. The road in was just fine....for Siebert that is, however, a big Tstorm went by the South of the lake just before we left. We drove through hundreds of yards of flooded road and inch deep hail. Kind of un-nerving. I felt for the campers that we not leaving until Sunday....that road is toast.

Fishing was excellent for walleye and pike. We managed many, many 48-49 cm walleye. No keepers throughout the day. My dad managed a 15lb beauty of a pike. A real fat healthy specimen. Then he managed an 11 lb pike. The couple of toppers was that that thunder storms threatened all morning and afternoon but seemed to magically skirt around the entire lake. The lake was flat. Also, all the fish were caught by my dad on 3 new plugs that the wife and I bought him for Father's Day.

It just seemed right! That is one weekend where all dads should out fish their sons.

On Sunday we hit Floating Stone lake. I kid you not, in 300 yards of trolling form the boat launch, on spoons we had a total count of a dozen pike. All double headers. One of them was also after I released mine then set my rod down and was releasing my dad's when he looked and grabbed my rod just before it left the boat with a third pike that grabbed my spoon dangling just above the water.....wow!!! Within 45 minutes we both had registered double digit pike. Some were in the 4-5 pound class and also one was my personal best at that lake of 6 lbs. Okay, 6 lbs isn't a monster but it is a nice one for that lake. Also, many of the pike had full bellies obviously with perch or minnows. Very healthy looking fish. We also managed a couple of wallies on the spoons. Man that lake! All you need is a simple rod and the 5-o-diamonds this time of year and get ready for a 50-100 fish day.

Supper dads day weekend!

Here are some pics:

Wallie #1

Good shot on the size of the head of the big pike - about 15 lbs.

I was impressed how fat this pike was for June.

2nd great pike my dad caught - just shy of 11 lbs.

Also, I have some pics from Garner lake two weekends ago. My dad, the wife and I had a great time out on the water:

Shannon got a good pic of a heron taking off.

Nice wallie.

Cool vid of a fat pike that my dad caught. This fish definately had perch in the belly. The water was so clear that you could see the fish on your line more then 10 feet down.

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Very cool...thanks for sharing
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nice report SNAP, looks like you and pops had a good time out. Some decent pike you guys caught there.
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