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Default Switching from Fishing to Hunting

With the cold weather coming on fast the switch from fishing gear to hunting equipment is in order. Luckily for the folks in the Lakeland region of Alberta, the switch is an easy decision due to the great hunting avaliable in the area. For the lucky hunters who have drawn a moose tag for wmu 514 the calling season is slowing down but the moose are still moving with the Wolf Lake area being your best bet for sucess. The west side of the lake has excellent habitat that often produces large bulls. Getting off the main trails and setting up camp in the many logged out areas will up your chances of success. Whitetail deer are also in this area and with the light hunting pressure on the north side of the lake, it has been producing some huge bucks over the last 3-4 years. Rattling and calling will improve your odds of filling your tag.
For the varmit hunter, this area is full of yote dogs and wolves. Anyone with a hunting license can legally hunt these critters on crown land but check the regulations to get all the imformation. Calling, once again, is the trick to lure in these wary predators with the rabbit call being the best call to use by far. Although upland bird populations are down, the Bourqe Lake area is producing some ruffed and spruce grouse. Once again, get off the main trails and do some bushwacking for the best success. Remember read the regulations and hunt safely.
Introduce a newcomer to hunting or take a kid hunting. It's a great way to spend time outdoors in the Lakeland.
For more tips and Lakeland outdoor info, tune in to the Lakeland Outdoor Report every Friday morning at 7:35 am on 95.3 Krock on your fm dail.
Alberta's Lakeland Tourism
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