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Default Waterfowling in Alberta's Lakeland

When looking for the ultimate waterfowl hunting destination look no further than Alberta's Lakeland region. With its acres of prime farm land and being located on a major flyway the region is one of the best in the province. From St. Paul to Cold Lake, the region boasts many great locations for an exceptional goose or duck shoot and often located a short drive from a major center with all the amenities a traveling hunter may need. The toughest decision is where to start. The area has many barley and pea fields that will keep birds coming to feed as long as open water is available in the area. For example the North Sask. river stays open until late December and the birds will stay in the region until freeze up. By doing some pre scouting a hunter can find a field within a short distance from the river and can be assured steady action for the whole season. Most farmers will be more than happy to give permission to hunt their land to help control crop loss from the birds. Set up decoys in a u shaped pattern for the best results. This ensures a landing zone for birds coming into the decoys and use any number of decoys from a couple dozen to a hundred or more. The number one blind to use for these field shoots is the pop up bale blind. It looks like a round hay bale but has room for a couple of hunters and all their gear inside. It's also very portable if you need to change your location. The Bonnyville area is your best chance at the best waterfowl hunting you will ever see due to its vast number of large cultivated fields. Moose Lake holds many birds such as Canada geese, mallards and speckled bellies and with so many feeding areas close to the lake the action can be hot all day long with new birds hitting your decoys constantly. Remember, always secure land owner permission before setting up a shoot and always follow the Alberta hunting regulations for bag limits and open seasons. See you soon in Alberta's Lakeland!
Alberta's Lakeland Tourism
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