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Default Lakeland Shallow Water Lakers

With the ice off of the Lakeland lakes, now is the time to head out to beautiful Cold Lake to try for a trophy of a lifetime. Although the fish bite all year, early season is the best time to land one of the giant trout that the lake is famous for. Due to the cold water in the huge lake the fish are very shallow being caught in 20f.t of water and often much shallower so no special gear is required to catch them. And it's also the only time the fish can be caught by casting. An excellent technique is to cruise the beautiful shoreline sight fishing, as you enjoy the breathtaking scenery, cast to any fish you see along the way. Quite often you get to watch the fish hit the lure within feet of the boat. Trolling is also quite productive at ice out. Simply let out several hundred feet of line with your favorite spoon tied on and zig zag in 10 - 20ft. of water to hook up with active lakers cruising the shallows. Although the fish are aggressive and willing to bite they are still very easily spooked which requires anglers to make long casts and have fluorocarbon leaders. Adding a scent such as gulp will help you catch more fish. The best all around lure for early season lakers is a spoon with the heavier types, crocodiles, pixies and other spoons in the 3/4oz to 1 1/2oz size, producing big fish and increased numbers of fish. Fly fishing is also becoming a popular method to catch these shallow water lakers. Larger white streamers cast on a 7/8 sink tip line combined with a 8-9ft. fluorocarbon leader will catch fish often when they're not biting on anything else. Remember please practise catch and release and always read the current edition on the Alberta Fishing Regulations to keep up to date with any changes or closures. Come out to Alberta's Lakeland Region for the day and stay for a lifetime!
Alberta's Lakeland Tourism
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