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Old 02-07-2012, 09:09 AM
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Default Very Positive Salmon and Halibut news for Tofino BC Fishing

As we move forward into another great Fishing season on the west coast of Vancouver Island, recent news regarding recreational fishing for Chinook Salmon and Halibut makes a great season look even better.

Over the past 10 days, there have been numerous news releases from Fish and Wildlife organizations and Media circuits regarding Chinook Salmon returns to the Columbia River. Indications are that the upper Columbia River Chinook Salmon returns for 2012 will push the mark as the 4th largest on record! Considering that the strong and diverse Salmon stocks of the U.S. Pacific Northwest streams, account for over 85 % of our Salmon catch in the Tofino area, this news is not only welcome, but exciting for anglers all along the west side of Vancouver Island. The bulk of these fish will be feeding and traveling past Tofino’s coastline May June and July, favouring the 150 to 180 foot contours that harbour baitfish and favourable currents. As outlined in our recent 2012 Fishing forecast, this season looks to Rival the outstanding Salmon Fishery we experienced last year, that seemed unbeatable....we’ll enjoy the test ahead!

Along with the great news about Chinook Salmon stocks for 2012, there has also been movement in the right direction regarding Halibut management in BC Sportfishing, administered and “controlled” by DFO. I purposely avoided the word “managed” as this has not realistically been the case since 2003, but with the forthcoming announcement planned for a new approach to the 2012 Halibut regulations, we are optimistic that Canada’s Minister of Fisheries will do the right thing for the Sportfishing industry in BC. Recreational Halibut Fishing will open on March 1st in British Columbia waters, announced last week by Fisheries Minister Keith Ashfield. Though there were no catch limits or season ending date included with the preliminary commitment, indications were for “beyond status quo” of last year’s shortened and restricted Halibut season in comparison to past years. As there is no Conservation concern for Pacific Halibut, but an actual focus on the exploitable portion of the Biomass (slower than expected maturity to spawning class) DFO now holds the hand on management plans moving forward. It is yet to be seen how their yet unknown plan will be favourable to the recreational sector, but indications are that the announcement we await later this week will leave us very happy with the fantastic Fishing season ahead for BC and more specifically, for Clayoquot Ventures – Tofino Fishing.

Stay tuned for more updates...
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