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Old 10-13-2022, 07:58 AM
Don Andersen Don Andersen is offline
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As I’m now 77 and frankly enjoy watching the AlBerta Govt flush trout down the sewer,
I’m fishing a landfill.
Going brookie fishing today.
Which wouldn’t exist if stocking didn’t.
I may even add some pictures of reality.
As far as the Ram system, I spent 8 years lobbing Govt to get the short stretch from Nice& Easy designated C&R. The first year a creel census gal recorded 8 fish caught all summer.
Looking after water and the fishery.

And debating ……

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Old 10-18-2022, 01:44 PM
McLeod McLeod is offline
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Smitty you nailed. In fact now in Montana and likely other states they stocking Native Cutthroat in barren lakes for the purpose of protecting the species against climate change. Parks could do that in Alberta for Cutties and Athabasca Rainbows.
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