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Originally Posted by Ken07AOVette View Post
They tried that with my boat in Vermilion once. I told them their dog was not boarding my boat. Again the woman in charge got snotty, and I reminded them it was an ocean boat, the last time it was in the water was July the previous year, and this was May. I said get booties on your dog and have at it, until then pound sand.
They then said I was exempt again.
Back in the late 80's when I drove highway trucks I was crossing the border late one night from the US to Canada at Ft Erie. There was a LONG delay in being able to declare loads and get on our way and the parking area was severely congested as a result. When my turn finally came to speak to the customs broker and have my load cleared to go I said to the guy "man it's busy here tonight?" He said "we had a truck driver from Tennessee in earlier tonight and the customs agents wanted to put their dog in his truck to do a check. He asked them not to as he was allergic and had to live in the truck but would happily allow them to search his truck all they wanted but please no dog". He said "it turned into an argument between the Canada Customs agent and the driver and the agent decided to open the door and let the dog in against the man's wishes", he continued "that's when all hell broke loose, when the door was pulled open and the dog put it's paws on the fuel tank steps the driver raised a handgun unseen at his side and shot the dog in the head!" He said "it's been rather chaotic here tonight since!!"

As for pulling a drain plug? I always have as long as I've owned a boat. I unplug it when I am at the stern tying down or hooking the leg into the transom saver. Any water that may have gotten in drains out and the boat stays dry and clean. Only takes a second to pull it and a second to put it in prior to launching.

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