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Old 03-28-2020, 03:44 PM
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Default rod warranties

Don't want to derail the other thread...so...

Some interesting comments concerning warranties came out of the other thread so I am wondering what your thoughts are.

Given that most if not all manufacturers offer limited warranties on materials and workmanship of their products;

Some scenarios;

You buy a shiny new F250 and scrape the bumper pulling out of your garage...should FORD repair that free of charge for you?

That $20,000 600mm F4 CANON lens you just bought for your camera rolls off the table onto the floor....should CANON replace it free of charge for you?

You cut that $100 RIO floating flyline between two rocks...should RIO replace it for free?

You crush your recently purchased flyrod in your car door (which apparently folks did in the other thread)….should the manufacturer replace it for free?
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