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Default Vaquero 357m/9mm bl 4-5/8 fs 5161 small frame/xr3

Ok, Elsewhere, we had a few guys asking for this gun. We can get but has to be imported (which has been 5-9 weeks lately) and they will be $1399

We have had a couple before. I have been in touch will a dealer friend in USA and they have a small few. If enough want these, I'll get a few coming.

Give us a call if you have any interest. If you want to reserve one, then call us with your name, address, phone, PAL#, date AND place of birth. We will then invoice and hold for a $500 deposit.

We can also get at least one Ruger New Vaquero Convertible Cylinder 45LC|45AP STAINLESS at $1499. We've had these before too but supply is really drying up.

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