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Old 02-22-2018, 08:16 AM
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Default Interesting Eskimo Information About Auger's Fuel/Oil Recommendations

I just finished speaking to an Eskimo Customer Service rep. I asked the rep what fuel oil brands can a person use not to void warranty. He recommended Trufuel or Aspen. I questioned him on his answer twice. He said to me ," watch any Eskimo product videos on the augers and to pay attention to the fuel tank on the auger being featured . The fuel in the gas tank is clear in color. Not blue like you would get when mixing fuel with the Eskimo 2 cycle oil". Wow go figure !!!!!
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Old 02-22-2018, 08:35 AM
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When I had issues with my auger the rep specifically told me over the phone any oil other than Eskimo 2 stroke would void the warranty.

Here is an email I sent a few weeks ago. I posted this in the other tread but Ill repost it here as well:
COMMENT: Hello, I am writing this in response to several internet threads I have found stating that the use of Aspen Premix Fuel has caused issues with their Eskimo brand ice augers. These issues most notably include damage to the gaskets, seals and overall bogging down of the engine. I was wondering what Ardisams's position on using this fuel is? Is it safe to use this fuel? Does it void the warranty if this fuel is used instead of the regular 50:1 fuel oil mix? What about other additives such as Seafoam or Optifuel? Thank you for any response you can provide.

reply: I spoke with our engine engineer and here is what he suggested:

Not familiar with that type of fuel. My recommendation would be to run Premium Non-Ethanol pump gas, and an outboard rated 2-stroke oil mixed at 40:1. (I have run my Stihl Saw for 15 years and cut around 160 Cords of wood without even fouling a spark plug in it.)

They can run our oil as well, but the Non-Ethanol fuel is the key to not wrecking all of the rubber parts that come into contact with it.

Stabil works well for storing in the off season.
So far the only common theme I am seeing is to run non ethanol gas which everyone knows already.
With the varying responses I wondering if they are intentionally trying to get parts to fail so they can sell replacement parts. I used Aspen for a season and had nothing but problems but others seem to love it.
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