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Old 11-12-2023, 12:14 PM
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Default Clam X-400 vs Eskimo Outbreak 450XD vs Otter Vortex Pro Lodge vs Otter Vortex Pro Cabin

Last year I did a comparison of Otter and Eskimo double hubs. it seemed to be well received here and also wound up being at the top of any organic Google search for a comparison of the hubs involved. It helped me decide which hub to go with for a large overnighting tent. And I put that tent to good use last season.

This season I got the itch to get a new single hub with the release of the new Clam X-series hubs with the new Max Entry door. So I sold my Vortex Lodge to a nice fellow on this forum, tracked down one of only two X-400 Ice Team hubs brought into Western Canada this season (Pokey's has/had the other one), and picked up the comparable Eskimo and Otter product from Cabela's to compare them. I also set up my Otter Vortex Pro Cabin which I use for running and gunning in my Ranger when I want a hub instead of a flip. I'll compare the Lodge and the Cabin...which is primarily a size comparison...directly later on in the thread. So if you're here for that, scroll down until you find it.

I have a lot of information to include over several posts here. I might not even get it done until tomorrow as I am still running outside to double check the hubs set up on my driveway, and my son has talked about coming out to go ice fishing this afternoon. If you can hold off on any posts until I indicate that I've done my part, it would be greatly appreciated. You'll have plenty of chance to tell me how your tent is the greatest and I don't have a clue what I'm talking about. Until then...Cheers.

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