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Default WTS Spartan Scythian Bushmen Bow

I don't want to sell this but the tax man has come calling and I have some finances I have to get taken care of.

Details: Left Hand, 53lbs at 28", 54" strung, 2 piece take down, phenolic camo finish over carbon fiber layering, Zulu limb tips (double string grooves, made for easy and super safe stringing of the bow). Can use any string or shoe lacè to strong the bow in the field.

This bow is about 2 years old, it was custom made by Steve Jewett at Bushmen bows. It's one of the most beautiful works of art I've even had the pleasure of owning. Plus it really does shoot just as good as it looks. I can stack arrows all day at my backyard range. It cost me a little over 2100$ to have it built. I'll sell it for 1100$ plus shipping. I can toss in the side mounted quiver for a.few extra bucks aswell. It will come with an extra sting new in bag. I've taken 3 black bear a a white tail with it. Great hunter bow, super light weight and compact for any hunting encounter. My draw is 27.5" but it want be drawn to 30". It feels really soft while.drawing and is whisper quite when loosed. Zero vibration or hand shock, super forgiving, sits perfect with the hand the moment you pick it up. I don't know the speed off by hand for my arrows, but I can tell you it's faster than most bows comparing apples to apples. I did alot of testing with arrows when I first got it, smoked all my other bows I had at the time.

Lowballers will be ridiculed or ignored, depends how I feel. This is a great deal for anyone wanting a one of a kind custom bow that would otherwise take a year or more tomorrow and more than double the price tag to pay for. More pics can. More pictures can be sent as serious inquiries. Located in St Albert. EMT or cash on pickup only. No trades thank you very much.
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