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Default Handguns for ATC Gunranges Dealers Museums

If you happen to fit in to the categories above, please call if looking for a handgun. We have a few here and we can still sell/transfer to you. We get a lot of requests from clients with an ATC


C: What are the requirements to open your own museum?
P: BFL (museum)


C: I know a fellow who is an Armoured guard, he holds a valid ATC.
Can he purchase handguns for personal use ?
Possibly buy a handgun to practice for work requalification?
Would this appease the CFO to allow then purchase to go thru ?

P: No, same as RCMP etc, they would need an RPAL and an ATC. If they have that, we can transfer.

C: Yes he has both, a Valid Rpal and ATC......
I'll tell him to give you a call
Anyone specific to ask for why he calls in ?

P: In this case best to email info@prophetriver.com as our sales team does not have access to the handgun inventory at this time.

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