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Old 05-09-2018, 12:40 PM
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Default Barrett Fieldcraft - Lightweight Hunting Rifles

Having spent decades perfecting firearms for defense, Barrett has set its sights on sportsmen and hunters with the ultralight Fieldcraft line of rifles. Designed to be carried long distances in the most demanding terrain, Fieldcraft firearms guarantee proven Barrett accuracy and reliability when you are ready to take the crucial shot. Its hand-laid carbon fiber stock is both lightweight and rigid, with every match-grade stainless steel barrel featuring the ideal length, twist rate, and contour to extract every last bit of performance from your chosen cartridge. With the most popular calibers to choose from and more available soon, Fieldcraft has your next hunt covered.

Stand out Features Include

- Barrels that are precision-honed, button-rifled and twice stress relieved. They are chambered, contoured and crowned on the same machines that make precision barrels for MRAD, Model 98B and M107, providing unparalleled accuracy in a hunting rifle

- The bolt handle is attached to the bolt using a t-groove, rigidly fitted and pinned in place rather than traditional solder or welding. This prevents bolt handle failure by reducing the risk of joint corrosion or weakness.

- Barrels and actions are made from 416 stainless steel and held to an exact tolerance for smooth, fluid action.

- Each barreled action is fully hand-bedded to the stock to provide rigidity and maximum accuracy. Fieldcraft actions are optimized and scaled for their specific caliber.

- All models come with a crisp single-stage Timney trigger. The trigger pull is user-adjustable.

- Adjustable single plane optics mounting. A total of 5 #8-40 screw holes in the top of the receiver provides the user flexibility to move the front mount forward or aft. A single, concentric mounting plane lends itself to better alignment of the font and rear rings once mounted. Talley Manufacturing, Inc. produces 1 and 30mm scope mounts specifically for the Fieldcraft (We have a large selection of Talley rings in stock).

- The Barrett Fieldcraft stock is rigid and lightweight. The form was designed to be perfect for off-hand shooting and adaptable for many field conditions. The vertical grip is unobtrusive yet ideal for firm shouldering

- Top-loaded 4 round blind magazine. The stock is built to be sleek and lightweight. Reliability is improved by allowing appropriate clearance for bind free feeding.

- The 2-position safety, with FIRE and SAFE settings, has a low profile to reduce its protrusion from the stock and prevent inadvertent activation, yet it remains easy to manipulate with a gloved hand.

- The Barrett Fieldcraft is incredibly lightweight 5.1 to 5.5 lbs depending on caliber

- It is priced very competitively at $2499.00 (We are selling them at $2215.00)

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Old 05-14-2018, 03:34 PM
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Just a little update on the Barrett Fieldcraft rifles: I spent considerable time handling one today...I couldn't resist. The fit and finish on these rifles is remarkable, from the crispness of the engraving on the receiver, to the fluting and smoothness of the bolt, the sharp break of the Timney trigger, and the surprisingly tactile feel of the stock. We put the 6.5 CM on the scale and it comes in at 5.3 lbs. Anyone who knows me is aware that I'm not fond of blind-box setups (I prefer magazines) however this beauty has me re-evaluating that paradigm.

Looking forward to some range reports on these babies!


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