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Old 02-11-2020, 11:32 AM
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Default And the new cal in the ruger african 77 this year is....

The 280 AI

Looks like this:


And both nosler and hornady load it as factory. I agree, , a great cal but perhaps does not match the 'classic' cals the other three were offered in (275, 6.5x55, 9.3x62)


C: I'd love to see one in 8x57. I don't think they will make one in it but I hope

P: You never know, Jason is always looking for new ideas.


C1: Where do I find the 6.5x55 version. Thatís a sweet rifle.

C2: This...I would be tempted.

P: It was made two years ago. Sold out now but you might find one on www.gunbroker.com if you keep looking.


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