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Old 06-04-2023, 03:05 PM
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Question Trash pandas

Whatís your ideas on the best bait/trap combo for urban raccoons?

We have an abandoned local residence that has a year round crop of these little buggers. City refuses to do anything about the house, animal control refuses to trap them or supply us with traps. I caught 3 younger ones last winter (one by hand) and gave them all to animal control. They were ďreleasedĒ in a more appropriate location and were back here within a day. These buggers are smart and now that theyíve been educated on peanut butter and the box trap, I might have to step up my game a bit. Thoughts, suggestions? Iím looking for a bait and trap combination that works okay in an urban setting. We also have local cats wandering about. Iíve considered poison but again not a great idea in a town.

Any ideas?
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