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Old 08-01-2019, 12:56 PM
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Default Huglu Factory May Have Burned.....

NOTE..... Huglu has confirmed via email that everyone is ok.

We are awaiting more news but it looks like there may have been a fire at the factory last night. Looks like no one was hurt. We had a large load leaving there but we do not know yet if it made it out in time. So, we may not have a good supply for some time....

We do have a few hundred guns here now but we go through them quickly. Will post more as we know more. There are a few shotgun factories in the town but its looking like it was the actual Huglu factory.




C: Apparently, the fire was limited to the roof only, no damage to the factory equipment or material. All ammunition was relocated as soon as the fire alarm went off... No one hurt, except 4 that got sick due to smoke...


C: Still, looks like a lot of roof damage to me


C: Agreed, hope they recover quick... Apparently, 55 fire trucks, 2 helicopters and more than 150 firefighters worked to put off the fire in 3 hours...


P: We had a large load scheduled to be ready to leave in a few days. With luck, maybe it was (or mostly) not still in the factory. Will post more as we know more.

We will be out of hammer guns first, most likely, some in a matter of a week or two way they are going.

Sad thing is we had some really nice 'deluxe' guns on this next load. Hopefully, they survived....


Q: Im assuming the 20 28g where on that shipment?

A: Yes. However, we have no idea yet if our shipment was lost. Really hoping that our load was completed and moved to shipping....


P: A couple of pics. Seems like damage is heavy on the roof.


C: Italian Lightning?
And I am Italian (by marriage) LOL
HOPE all products for Clay got shipped out okay to AB...

P: We have heard from our rep at the factory but he isn't sure yet where our guns were. Will report back when he knows more


C: Don't see much fire suppression going on??
That truck with the outriggers out..looks like a concrete pumper to me..
Do they have such things as fire insurance in Turkey??
I think Turkish lightning is a better term


C: The fire was suppressed in 3 hours according to reports, thinking these are photos taken just when fire started...

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