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So my bet has always been head space. What did the issue turn out to be and was the smith able to fix it?
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Originally Posted by jonadd View Post
Hello, I am not local, but I was looking online for 8x56MS ammo and found this thread. I recently purchased a MS 1908 and would be interested in proper 8x56 MS headstamped brass and/or live ammunition, if within my budget. thanks...jon
I sent you a pm but don't know if you received it ?

The Model 1908 Mannlicher Schoenauers used their own proprietary Cartridges and can NOT be made from the 8X56 "R" Brass, nor the 8X57 Springfield, Mauser, etc., etc. as completely different.
As mentioned, I believe the 35 Whelen may present the closest Brass candidate for reforming ?
I may be able to help you out with some once fired original head stamped 8x56 ms Brass from Western, CIL or Dominion, all of whom quit servicing this Caliber in North America back in the 1930's as is my understanding.

I do have many vintage 1930's Boxes of live ammo from all 3 manufacturers in pristine condition as well, but as you said, I don't believe it is either within your Budget, nor would I wish to be selling it to you for the apparent Market Value these days.
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Originally Posted by Dean2 View Post

So my bet has always been head space. What did the issue turn out to be and was the smith able to fix it?
Scruffy is a true character I glad I know him ! The gun had the wrong bolt in it and therefore had excessive headspace. He has 35 Whelen brass that was formed by an outfit out of the USA . It was correctly formed . To try and get him going, with out setting barrel back,was to fire form some brass. Seated bullets to contact lands with Trailboss powder , fired once then did the same fireform again with a mild load of 4198? . They were holding together fine in the fireforming .That's as much as I know . Scruffy hopefully got to harvest a deer with it
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