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Old 10-02-2008, 08:21 PM
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Default Hunting Partner Sign Up List

Well, two unfortunate hunter deaths in two years and both hunters were hunting alone.

Whether it be grizzly bears, chance of getting lost, falling and breaking a leg or whatever, I think everyone can agree it isn't safe to hunt alone.

Most times I have buddies I hunt with but recently two of them have moved off to Sask and the others don't take a significant amount of days off to hunt. What I'm saying is they hunt there days off then leave camp to go back to work.

What do you say we compile a list of guys who would like to have hunting partners. This is not to say it will be permanant but a list that will give a hunter the option to contact another hunter in the same situation that might want to get out for a couple of days or even a day hunt.

Throw some ideas out there guys and see if can get em to float. Alot of new friendships were made this way and some for a lifetime.

If we get something together maybe the mods would keep it pinned to the top for us.
What do you thingk....lets hear some ideas.

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