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Old 10-15-2017, 11:19 AM
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Originally Posted by New Bow View Post
Hi Everyone!
I'm new to both this site and bow hunting. I started out grouse hunting in Porcupine hills years ago, only I didn't know it was Porcupine hills then (referral from a Canadian Tire line up). I have seen elk there on only 2 occasions, but not knowing any better I decided to focus on mainly 304 for elk. I've walked I'm sure by now hundreds of miles in every kind of walking imaginable. I've called, I've de-scented, I've elk bombed and sat, I have glassed for hours. I have walked in every imaginable kind of terrain.
With absolutely no success in my efforts for even seeing Elk never mind getting one, I have decided to look outside porcupine and try new things. I did manage a mule doe so the effort wasn't a total loss, but I have elk on the brain and would love to get one with the bow... ok rifle would be fine too. But I do love bow hunting.
I'm looking for a hunting partner who is experienced with elk. I think I have a lot to give back for that experience. I'm in great shape and you won't find a harder working person. I really just love being out. :-)
Your gonna do just fine as a bowhunter, countless hours in the field, lots and lots of miles, hours on end sitting in stands, if I was gun hunting I would have filled all my tags by now, bull elk alone I've been close to 8,all less than 100 yards this season, bow hunting can be extremely hard and at times frustrating, that's what makes it so dam addicting. All it takes is a twig in the way and no shot LOL
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