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Old 04-09-2022, 12:17 PM
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Default Arrow Weight

Hey so I've been watching some Ranch Fairy youtube videos on arrow weights which got me thinking about my set up and wanting a heavier arrow.

I currently shoot an older Bowtec with new strings/rest/sight 60lb draw weight with Goldtip Hunter XT 340 spline arrows.

I knocked the insert out and found they were only 12 grains!!! My arrows are about 285+- grains without an insert so all in all they barely squeak to 300 grains and topped with my 100gr broadhead that's about 400 grains.

I'd like a 500 grain arrow so my question is can I buy a 100 grain insert for these arrows?

Sadly I wish I knew more about arrows before stepping foot into a bow shop looking for a bow years ago.
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