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Old 08-02-2023, 01:07 PM
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Default Redington Waders = BIG win, Simms not so much

In contrast to the other fellow's experience, I have received fantastic support from Redington.

I submitted a pair of waders that were out of warranty, plead my case, and they offered me a brand new pair of waders for $50, when they were under no obligation to do so.

I've also had rods repaired by them that came back to me quickly.

So my experience with Redington has been quite positive.

Yes, Farbank owns them, and Sage, and several others, but this has been a trend long coming and in place. Big corporations are swallowing smaller fishing companies.

Now Simms, on the other hand, wouldn't honor a seam fail in the crotch of my waist waders, and it was within the first year. Case closed they told me, move on.

I'll be thinking twice before I ever buy Simms again. Too bad...the jacket I have of theirs is my favourite.

Just goes to show you that anyone can have a different experience with different companies. I think sometimes it depends on who you talk to. I'm sure some of you have had positive experiences with Simms warranty. Not me.

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