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Old 01-04-2022, 12:04 PM
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Default Rinella's brother says social media is ruining hunting. I don't disagree.

I just listened to an episode of the Meat Eater podcast. Steven Rinella's brother was a guest and went on a huge rant about how social media is ruining hunting. Ep. 304 The fish shack's revenge.

Considering Meat Eater are the absolute masters of modern hunting media use to promote commerce, it was interesting they gave him a voice to oppose them on their own social media platform.

Some of his points were around hunter recruitment and how many hunters are enough, social media likes as a major motivation for killing big animals, how hunting shows hunt private land but promote the public land hunting lifestyle, he also asked them outright how many animals they've wounded and not recovered during filming but never mentioned. They never really answered that question (no judgment on my part, we've all wounded animals).

It sounds like the over crowding of public land hunting areas is just as bad in Montana as it is in Southern Alberta. 2020 and 21 were so busy out in the foothills and I found it detracted from the overall hunting experience. It makes me wonder how many hunters are enough hunters, but I don't want to give up my opportunities so why would anyone else?

Hopefully when covid goes away things go back to normal out there. But somehow I don't think it ever will.....
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