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Old 01-06-2023, 12:44 PM
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Originally Posted by sns2 View Post
Rinella is basically the only one I will watch. If ever there is any type of emoji in a post of mine it means I have a big smile on my face and it is light hearted.

This is social media and I obviously enjoy it, but I follow Shockley on Facebook and the rude sht that people say to that mean as hes nursing his wife through cancer is beyond belief.

Social media can be good or bad. Overall, in terms of hunting, the jury is definitely out.
There is always a hater and on social media These people have a voice
Alot of people just see the end result
For example shockey hunting all over the world, owning a outfit in the yukon and on the island
What they dont see is what he had to do to get there
People forget that he grew up in a trailer park in Saskatchewan
He made everything that he has from his own hard work

I like Billy molls and I know a few guys who have hunted with him and say he is a great guy
his shows are really good
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