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Default April Alberta Outdoors now on newsstands

Inside this issue:

  • Opinion: The Effects of Drought
  • Politics: Lite Beer Budget
  • Conservation: The Black and White of Magpies
  • Fishing: A Tribute to Martin J. Paetz
  • Fishing: Did You Know?
  • Fishing: A Family Day Fishing Derby
  • Fly-Fishing: Fly-fishing Alberta
  • Adventure: Hunting for Mushrooms
  • Reader Submitted Story
  • Hunting: I Wonder Where the Birdies is?
  • Hunting: A Hunting We Will Go
  • Guns & Ammo: What About Thermal?
  • Tips for the Outdoors: Membership Has its Benefits
  • Camping: Tips for Getting the Best Campsite
  • Hiking/Biking: Great Joy in the Great Outdoors
  • Trapping: A Bigger Bait Station
  • Wilderness Survival: From Soldier to Survivor
  • Photography: That Didn't Work Out!
  • Recipe: Barbecued Venison Loin
  • and much, much more!

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