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Old 06-04-2021, 10:29 AM
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Just a bit of an update.I have now sold all IPL shares at 20.25 as that is 75 cents higher than the highest bid right now, and bought more PPL at 38.01. The speculators have IPL trading above the best offer on hopes of more bids, I don't see PPL increasing its .5 PPL share for each IPL share. If PPL shares rise to $39, recent high was $39.60, that exchange ratio matches the current Brookfield Infrastructure bid of 19.50. Whether PPL wins the deal on not its share price is going up from 38 in my opinion, plus they pay almost 3 times the dividend that IPL does. PPL will likely go up faster in the short terms if they don't win as they are still trading $1.60 below their recent high. Longer term I do hope PPL wins the bids because they will make a ton from buying IPL so cheap.

KGB If you bought a couple of days ago at around 37.50 and PPL just goes to its old high you will be up 5.6%. I don't see it going up another 15% in a month but over 4-6 months I think that is pretty likely.

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