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Old 06-04-2023, 11:49 AM
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Default Edmonton area free family boating fishing day

So...now that I am Retarded....damn spell check...ment Retired...well...both are relevant I guess...lol. I enjoy a lot of fishing solo. That's great an all...but I have been spinning the Idea of putting the 20' SeaRay to better use....after I get my prop fixed.... The idea is to treat a local family who enjoy fishing, up to 4 people total, or want to get into fishing, a day on the water at a few of the local lakes. Being a crusty ex Military dude, I would prefer to cater to the CAF family, First responders, as I know first hand what a S#*t Show that can can be, and maybe a day of relaxing could be just want is needed...but in the end even a young family who just needs a break, or A Parent or two who just want a chance to take the kids for a fun day, that maybe would not happen if $$$ are an issue.

Simple plan, We can chat, find a lake that is suitable for everyone depending on what is required, and I'll meet you there. I have lots of gear if that's needed, or bring your own if you want. Bring your own food, snacks, what ever, then jump in the boat and away we go. I'll provide the boat, gas, all that's involved in that regard and off we go for a day. Boat has LOTS of room for a cooler (Which I can also provide if needed) and has an inboard small toilet for the ladies. Pottie area is a bit small, but my wife and adult Children use it no problem. Also lots of room for backpacks or what ever to make yourself comfortable. I have lots of adult life jackets, so for small children you will have to provide your own, and I will also have to have some type of ID to verify who I am taking out on my boat which will be documented and shared with my on shore Associates...ya know...just incase. Last little caveat, It has to be during a Monday, Wednesday, or Thursday. Dealing with the Chaos of the weekend over crowding is not something that I am capable of dealing with anymore.

I can probably do a few trips like this, so if you know anyone....or if this is you, PM me, and I'll sort stuff out and be in contact. When I figure I have had enough response I'll post in the title as such. Oh ya, you will have to ha e valid Fishing Licence for those that require them.

So there it is, now let's see how this goes....lol
Remember 99.8% of fishin gear is ment to catch fishermen....not fish!!
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