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Default Genesee to Devon report

Well, I tried out my new fishing kayak this weekend and loved it. A Pelican Catch 120 NXT. Very stable and the seat is super comfortable. A beautiful float and camped over night on the 3rd group of islands before a 90 degree turn....not quite at the 1/2 way point. The wind and the rain were a chore and very happy the tent held up or it would have been a miserable night.

We caught about a dozen walleye, of which one was a sauger. I've never floated such a large river and the speed of it was difficult for me to fish and get my head wrapped around it. The best fishing was from shore right by the campsite where we picked off 5 walleye in about an hour just casting a jig. I should have brought my flyrod as the Goldeye were rising like mad at that spot.

Saw some prospectors with pretty cool sluice systems set up and that was pretty cool to see. All in all, a good first learning experience on the NSR and about a 9 hour float/paddle in total.

I was surprised to see the river had dropped at least 1 foot in depth overnight and I assume that has something to do with the dam upstream.
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