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Pappy in AB
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Default e-mail from OFAH forwarded

Forwarded Message:
From:&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp "O.F.A.H." <broadcasts@ofah.org>
To:&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp <broadcasts@ofah.org>
Subject:&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp Important Letter!
Date:&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp Thu, 9 Aug 2001 15:13:29 -0400

The Auditor General of Canada is conducting a review and audit of expenditures related to the Canadian Firearms Centre, firearms licencing and registration.

We know costs have well exceeded $425 million and are likely close to $600 million and climbing.

One or more of the attached letters should be sent to your elected federal official(s) to support the Auditor General's investigation.

Simply attach your name and send your comments to your MP (federal).

Also distribute copies of these form letters as widely as possible. After only one day this is already stirring up a reaction at different government levels.

PLEASE help out by contacting YOUR local MP, and encourage and help your friends do likewise. Please feel free to use these letters as as they are, or modify them as you will to better suit your individual circumstances.

Remember, all you have to do is use the simple address at the letter beginning with your M.P.'s name and no postage is required.

Thanks for your help.

August, 2001
_______________, MP
House of Commons
Ottawa, ON KA 0A6

Dear ____________________

Canada is holding a massive National debt. Our health system is eroding. Our armed forces are serving peace-keeping duties overseas with sub standard and worn out equipment and our most precious resource, clean drinkable water, is at risk.

I was therefore appalled to learn that the Gun Registry has cost taxpayers $476 Million Dollars to date, and even that figure is not the whole amount. What happened to Allan Rock's promise that it would only cost $85 Million for the whole process? It is a long way from being complete at this date. How long will this waste continue?

The secret, unaccountable and reckless spending your government is engaging in is bordering on the CRIMINAL.

I am asking you to supply me with the TRUE costs of the registry program to date.

Please instruct the Auditor General to complete a FULL audit of ALL costs incurred in the implementation of Bill C-68, now known as the Firearms Act and instruct the Auditor General to disclose these details to the public.

As a taxpayer, I believe I have the right to know how my money is spent.

Anxiously awaiting your reply, I remain

Yours Truly,
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