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Old 01-10-2023, 05:31 PM
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Default I Want to pick someones brain on 402 Elk?

Ive been spending lots of time in central 402. Trail cameras, exploring areas. Im getting close to the elk but cant seal it. Ive got couple questions not looking for your spots just tips on the movement. I have legal bulls and cows on camera frequently during archery season. Opening day of rifle they dissappear. We have multiple cameras in different areas, they all go dry of pictures. Also we have gone back after season and no pics or tracks in the snow? Can any one tell me if they believe the elk head east across the trunk road into (bob or waldron) or west into BC? Or are they there and just mostly stationary. We have put the time and feet on the ground i honestly think we would see them if they were there. We have gotten up high and glassed around as well with zero elk seen. I find the area we are in doesnt really lend well to glassing (like the hunting shows seem to make it look like easy glassing spots on every hillside) but thats another topic
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