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Originally Posted by Rackmastr View Post
A guy can find 'loopholes' in any peice of legislation.

I work with the enforcement of over 90 peices of legislation.....I'm well enough versed in the use of force and the application of force. Just stating it for people who DONT understand and stating it quite plainly.

As I said, I am not stating my opinion on the matter, only stating facts and quoting legislation for people who may not know what is out there. There is nothing to 'agree' or disagree with my thoughts. These are not my thoughts, they are legislation and only that.....
Exactly.....I'm only stating the legislation is too vague....do you live in a City or Town??????.....I'm 13 km outside of a "small" town at 0140 Hrs. I can't expect an officer here in 2 minutes!!!!,...as I stated before there will be no "what if's"...no "yeah buts"......I will not call 911....if he's off my land before I catch up to him....my neighbor will be waiting.....hmmmmm????....wonder if that's why I can leave keys in vehicles etc.?????...and so can my neighbors.........sorry. but posted earlier they are "crackheads"....time to put the foot down and say ENOUGH....
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