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Old 10-23-2020, 12:13 PM
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We were just allotted three of these. They will be a few weeks coming. Should be non restricted, we need to send a few photos to the lab to confirm once they are here. Had this on order for 18 months....


Our price, $479.00


We sold out these but if you want to be next in line, please email your name, address, PAL#, Phone # and date of birth to info@prophetriver.com. We will start a waiting list. For the waiting list, no deposit required.


I think that is a record.

Note. Clay posted this elsewhere late yesterday afternoon and it was sold out before I got a chance to post it here. That was fast. But he is taking a waiting list as per above. No deposit needed.

Calvin Sunderland.
Technical Support & Development
Prophet River Firearms.


C: Man, I never wanted one of these until the second I knew they existed. How long will the ETA be to get another one?

P: Unknown. Things are so crazy in the USA now. However, hopefully, now that this first batch is ready, others will come shortly.


Up to about 15 on the waiting list now


.... and more comments from customers so get on the list if you want in.


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