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Old 09-16-2018, 01:30 PM
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Default Complaints for TownPost allowing Firearms

TownPost Allows Free Firearms Classifieds
Our classified service (TownPost) receives it's share of criticism from various activists including those angry that we allow the sale of puppies, livestock, and even some that pet adoption should not even be permitted. But far more than this are the anti-Firearm folks that send complaints demanding we stop allowing firearms of any kind.

Kijiji & Facebook Caved to pressure
This pressure has succeeded in causing both Kijiji and Facebook to prohibit the buying or selling of any firearms, "weapons", and even ban the sale of Airsoft and paintball.

TownPost Partially Demonetized for Firearms
This summer TownPost was partially demonetized as a penalty for not bowing to the mounting pressure to prevent our users from using our classifieds to buy and sell Firearms. This has not changed our direction one iota.

On Sept 16, 2018 we received the following complaint: "I am alarmed to see guns/firearms being sold on your website. Why are you allowing these types of sales?
Thank you. I await your response.

Our Response
You can Read our response to this individual..

More Complaints (From Folks that Don't Use TownPost anyways
This is typical for the type of feedback we receive (mostly anonymous). Occasionally it is one of our users fed up with seeing Firearms in their feed (fair enough if they aren't interested in shooting), but the vast majority of the complaints from activists or angry people that have never used TownPost. I know this because we call them if they provide a number, everyone one of them and try to help them truly understand where shooters are coming from (as you will see in my response linked above). Most of them are amazed to hear any intelligent reasonable argument that goes against their assumptions, and many of them hadn't given the value of our site any thought (because they didn't bother using it).

TownPost warning about Amazon, Facebook, Google for years
Finally, I have been a voice calling in the wilderness for nearly 10 years warning people about the dangers of the giants (Google, Facebook, Amazon), and the need for local competition like TownPost and other small sites growing organically. Now retailers are getting killed by Amazon, Facebook has banned firearms, and Google/Youtube is censoring content. Anyone ready to try something new?

Give TownPost a Try
Check us out at https://townpost.ca/
If you are outside of Alberta you can check our Gun Listings Canada wide here: https://townpost.ca/sports/guns/canada
For BC Residents: https://townpost.ca/buysell/bc/Guns
For Saskatchewan: https://townpost.ca/buysell/sk/Guns

If you have any questions or comments shoot me an e-mail: steve@townpost.ca
Firearms are Listed on our Twitter page @townpost
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