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Old 01-05-2022, 12:34 AM
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Originally Posted by fishnguy View Post
I believe there were a couple of ďeditionsĒ of that knife. The second is available at a few outlets in Canada. About $50 last I saw. Some mediocre steel, canít recall exactly what, but feel like below aus8 grade. I am sure it is fine for chopping deer apart.


Donít know about this place, but it is only $39 there: https://foodzinga.ca/bow-river

This place is legit: https://www.warriorsandwonders.com/S...Leather_Sheath (I think their shipping is reasonable $10, or it was for knives I bought from there in the past)

Those are good prices for a Spyderco. But be aware the knives are made in China. The made in USA or Japan Spyderco's are at least triple the price for similar products.

Not saying anything good or bad about country of origin. Just wanted to point out the reason for the price so no one gets surprised later.
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