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Default Fathers' Day Sale!

this will be up and going in next few minutes


Fathers Day Sale 2016

Sale dates are from June 7th 2016 and will run until monday morning aftder Fathers day.

Happy Fathers Day!

Welcome Fathers, Welcome everyone!


All items will be tax free. No GST, PST or HST, we take care of it all.


Free Shipping on all online orders over $100 across the Canadian provinces. We are including those living within the city limits of Whitehorse or Yellowknife but due to restrictions in our shipping software you will need to pay the shipping. We will then reimburse your shipping. Please note that Canada post doesn't ship ammo, tannerite, primers, powder, etc.


We have just opened a new area on our website . Check these out for huge savings on selected items:


These items will qualify for this week’s sale too! So, you can take advantage of the discounted price and save the taxes and shipping as well!


This is Not our regular Gift Card. We are offering the following Cards.

$100 Gift Card on sale for $90 - get a 10% discount. Click Me.
$250 Gift Card on sale for $220 - get a 12% discount. Click Me.
$500 Gift Card on sale for $435 - get a 13% discount. Click Me.
$1000 Gift Card on sale for $850 - get a 15% discount. Click Me.

Gift cards bought during the current Fathers day sale may not but used on sale items during the current sale.

Gift Card policy
Prophet River gift cards may be applied to any purchase at our retail location. The card may not be exchanged for cash, nor will cash be given as change. Gift Cards cannot be used to purchase Gift Cards. Gift Cards may not be used to pay tax/duty when using our import service. Balance will remain on the card until redeemed. Purchase of the card implies acceptance of the terms and conditions. To check the gift card balance simply call our store or stop by and we can let you know. Treat the gift card as cash, lost cards will not be reimbursed.

- Sabati Rifles are 5% off.

- Hi Point Semi Auto Carbines are 20% off

- Grulla Shotguns are 10% off
This offer includes special orders. Give us a call to special order your Grulla Shotgun.

- Berger Bullets
Spend over $250 on Burger Bullets and get a $25 Gift Card for free. Please note this in the comment section as this is a manual process. We will be watching for this but a note just makes is easier to spot.

- Rizzini Shotguns are 5% off

- Arrieta 5%
We have some coming but wont have a category until they get here. In the meantime get Not Tax, Free Shipping and 5% on Speical orders. Come get the exact Arrieta that you want. Give us a call.

- Leupold VX-1 3-9x 40m Matte Duplex . Regular $349.00 on sale at $289.00 . So with no tax and free shipping you can get one delivered for 289.00 ‘all in’. While supplies last.


We were going to put all Legendary arms on sale , however, we sold out last few days. We really like these rifles and are anxious for our clients to try them. We have a few incoming this month. So, we will do the ‘Professionals ‘all in’ for $2250.00 (reg is $2249 plus tax and ship) with 50% down. Call the shop or email to see how long it will take to get a caliber in. We have a few Closers coming from an older order and will do this at $1785.00 all in. Unlike the Professionals, we cannot take new orders for the Closer unless we already have a standing order.

- Save an additional 5% off all Swarovoski scopes.
We will honor this for special orders too if 50% or more is put down.

- Nikon Scopes are all 10% off plus the tax and shipping savings.

- Niko Sterling Scopes are 15% off. We really like these especially the rimfire scopes.
Now is the perfect time to try one!

- Ruger guide guns are on sale in 300 Win mag for $1199

- Forbes rifles are 10% off on top of the tax and shipping savings, while supplies last.

- All Remington and Marlin rifles and shotguns are an additional 10% off.

- AYA shotguns are 5% off.

- All knives are 15% off.

- Rockchuckers kits. Only $474
Note that this price includes the $25 flat shipping fee for this heavy item now that we are turning free shipping on for this sale.

For 474.00 Canadian you get it delivered AND RCBS has a 75.00 rebate (USA funds) on right now so you can have the kit delivered for approx 380.00 Canadaian after RCBS rebate

Rockchucker Link - http://store.prophetriver.com/rcbs-r...ucker-supreme-...
Rebate Link - http://staging.rcbs.com/RCBS/media/R...-Jan1-Dec3.pdf

- Caribou gear are 10% off. These are absolutely the best game bags we have seen

- Zeiss scopes and other products are 5% off.

More items to come... Keep checking thread, will be listing more as the sale goes!
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